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Willkommen zum Bürgerdialog

Zwischen dem 7. September und dem 18. Oktober hatten Sie bei unserem Online-Dialog die Möglichkeit, uns Ihre Meinung zu sagen: Wie stellen Sie sich die Lausitz von morgen vor? Wir haben Ihnen dieselben Fragen gestellt, die wir auf den Dialogveranstaltungen gestellt haben – auf insgesamt sechs Sprachen.

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Welcome to our citizens’ dialogue! We want your opinion!

Have your say! Be part of the future vision for Lusatia.

Over the summer we had more than 50 information desks all over Lusatia and spoke to a lot of citizens. One thing is obvious: They had all been thinking about the future of the region and propose several subjects and ideas. Starting from 7 September 2019 until 18 October 2019, you are invited to have your say on the formation of the future vision for Lusatia!

Together with you, we would like to gather visions for Lusatia and find out what you think are the most important topics for the future. Your ideas are in demand here. Discuss with each other and find out what other Lusatian citizens think about their region. Do you recognize similarities? Or do you have any other new idea or a certain subject which is very important to you which has not been discussed yet?

he questions you find below will be in the centre of attention in the citizens’ events in September. Randomly selected citizens representing a cross-section of the Lusatian population will therefore be invited. All the entries- here, online and those collected at the events- form the basis for the major future topics. Those build the frame for the development of the future vision starting from winter 2019/2020. With your contributions you have a say on the main focusses that will be set for the future vision. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide!

For us and the future vision for Lusatia it is very important that as many citizens as possible share their ideas. We would like to ask you to forward this website within your networks.

Step 1: Have a read! Below you will find three thematic blocks with questions. Click on one of the headlines and an overview will pop up. You will see the contributions other Lusatian citizens have made to the different questions asked.

Step 2: Feel free to leave comments! Use the comment function to pass on your thoughts, wishes and ideas on the questions to discuss with other citizens.

Step 3: Do you agree? If you wish to agree to an answer, feel free to use the like- function.

Your contributions and comments will be visible for all other users of the website. Sign up now, participating is easy and straightforward! To ensure a fair and constructive discussion, we ask you to abide by our rules of conduct (netiquette). You don’t necessarily have to reply to all questions. It is enough if you answer all those questions you immediately know an answer to. You can also have your say at a later point in time. The questions will be available online for you until 18 October 2019.

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Lusatia is your home and your home country. But everyone has a different and individual picture of “their Lusatia”. With your help we would like to gather the different pictures you have for Lusatia. We believe that Lusatia is varied. What we ask ourselves: Are there any similarities? And what are the differences and particularities? You will be asked:

1. What does Lusatia mean to you?

2. What does life in Lusatia mean to you?


Lusatia is in a process of transformation- not only since yesterday. Many things have already changed, many things are still changing. With the future vision for Lusatia we would like to create a perspective, how Lusatia- also your Lusatia- will develop. The future vision will give orientation for the upcoming structural policy and among other things build a framework for the different areas funds will be allocated over the next 20 years. Therefore, we ask you to put forward your perceptio...

Have another look at the answer you gave to question number 5. We would like to know:

6. What are the reasons you believe that this topic is particularly important to the future of Lusatia?

7. Why is this topic particularly important to you?

8. Why is this topic particularly important for the future of Lusatia in general?